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Lead with Sustainable Impact

Align your actions with what matters most, and create the rhythms of resilience you need to lead well.

Lead Real, Not Resigned.

You’re a leader full of vision, ambition, strategy, and discipline. You run an efficient team and have a strong understanding of how to move a business forward. To accomplish the goals you set, however, you need to cultivate resilience that doesn’t cost you your well-being, insight, and ability to influence your team.  You need space to think proactively, creatively, strategically, daring the impossible. 

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You show up guarded, safe, closed, encased and shielded so that you can effectively lead in an intensely changing landscape. Reacting from an exhausted place. Feeling un-aligned, stuck, and operating from auto-pilot. You recognize how your current patterns are limiting your personal effectiveness and your team’s performance at work, leaving you exhausted and isolated. 

You know you have to recover, but can’t find the time to. Left to self-medicate to reduce the weariness you feel. In a pattern of creating value for others, you’ve lost your ability to sustain your well-being and stay true to what motivated you to lead well in the first place.

In an attempt to remain effective, you’ve created a pattern of unavailability to what matters most to you. 


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You don’t have to sacrifice
well-being for success.

You don’t need more vision, strategy, and ambition. You need the fuel to create alignment in a sustainable way. The perspective to see clearly, rather than limited by what you can’t see. That begins by overcoming the barrier of self-awareness. Rather than placate your blindspots we create awareness that gives you the ability to recover your perspective, center you as a leader, and lead from a deep intentionality as you impact your relationships at work and home.

David D, CEO

"As a result of Brett's coaching, I've made several major changes and now feel more positive and fulfilled in both my career and personal life. Looking back on where I started months ago, it’s hard to imagine where I’d be without his coaching."

“Between stimulus and response there is a space.  

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

- Victor Frankl

Recover Perspective.
Sustain Resilience. Lead Well.

My goal is to help you see what you have to refine, in order to create the space to see clearly and develop a greater level of impact. That begins with growth in self-awareness. By asking provocative questions, determined by professional discernment, in a safe environment we unlock the opportunity to think critically and creatively. Here’s what that looks like:

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Step back and understand what motivates your leadership. I create spaces for leaders to be self-reflective so they can disentangle what is limiting their perspective, trapping them in autopilot, and keeping them from showing up well.

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You are only as strong as you are honest. We take the time to use useful, informative tools that clearly guide us into further conversation around common blind spots, uncover what’s really motivating our behavior, how it shows up, and how it impacts the people we lead.

A man in a blazer writing on a dry erase board.


That newfound perspective creates the resolve you need to lead from the right center and create a personal action plan to deliver the greatest impact in alignment with what you value.

Image by Konstantin Kleine

Lead with Influence.
From a Sustainable Place.

What you lead is too important to show up to resigned, living out repeating cycles of being overextended.  Stop reacting to the urgent, running on autopilot, problem-solving without proactive growth initiatives, and losing yourself to a taxing life at work. Lead with influence, from a sustainable place, resonating well with your team and free to think proactively towards the next adventurous endeavor.

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