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A series of images depicting an executive leadership coach: engaging in a video call, writing notes, and working at a laptop in a modern office.

about brett

Brett is the founder and owner of LeadWell, LLC, an executive coaching resource for those committed to helping individuals and teams desiring and committed to impactful, life-changing coaching conversations.  For the past 30 years Brett has been building relationships and collaborating with business and organizational leaders in the charitable, higher education and health care sectors.


For the past decade Brett has focused his work primarily in health care at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, The Steadman Clinic and Vail Health in Vail, Colorado and the bio-medical research institute Van Andel Institute located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


From philanthropist to physician and entrepreneur to scientist, Brett has enjoyed working in world class, global organizations and multi-cultural environments where diversity, equity, and inclusion are part of the corporate ethos.  It is in these past 10 years that Brett has further developed a passion for equipping leaders and organizations to focus on creating sustainable change with immediate impact and measurable results against the backdrop of our current environment.


Outside of his work, Brett enjoys serving on the board and executive committee of a large behavioral health system, and spending time with his family and two dogs.  Although a dedicated Peloton rider, Brett is also an avid reader and enjoys multiple outdoor recreational activities.

Brett Holleman speaking in a conference setting.

beyond the bio

Discerning and active listener.  Present.  Affirming.  insightful, thought-provoking questions.  Brett creates and cultivates a safe space for others to be heard.  He is trustworthy and challenges without judgement.  Oh, but he can break the tension with his timely sense of humor.  Brett is driven: he balances competing priorities with working, playing hard, learning and growing.  


Brett has had to face his own challenges. He has learned to walk through and grow from difficult seasons. In essence, you will engage with someone who is authentic, empathetic and fearless in the face of human struggles. Brett doesn't turn away from difficulties, but chooses to face them in order to understand how they impact human behavior.

You will engage with a curious person, one who's always learning to balance self-confidence with humility. Brett does not have all the right answers, but can lead you to a place of greater self discovery, worth and confidence. You will be seen, heard and valued. You will lead better.


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